ADIim. L.B. Goncharova

Department "Transport technique and organization of transportation" is a structural division of the Kazakh Automobile and Road Academy L.B.Goncharova. Creation of the Department of the Kazakh Automobile and Road Academy (KazADI) name L.B.Goncharova began in 2001. Department of "TT and OT" trains specialists with higher education on the basis of secondary, vocational and higher education (in abbreviated form of training) and researchers through graduate school. Teaches students from all regions of Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and South Korea. In a relatively short period of time at the department formed a close-knit teaching staff, consisting of 38 professional staff-31 people; 7 part-time, including 8 doctors of sciences, 15 candidates of sciences, 9 professors, 12 associate professors, 5 masters of Sciences.

The first head of the department "Conveyor, road construction machinery and equipment, vehicles and automobile economy" became KabashevRakhimzhanAbylkasymovich - Rector Kazadi, honored worker of RK, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Transport. Has 50 years of experience in the field of education in KazNTU. KI SatpayevKazGASA, KazATC them. M. Tynyshpayev, where he worked as a dean, the first vice-rector. He is the author of over 300 scientific papers, 35 inventions and patents of RK, including 17 monographs, textbooks and manuals for higher educational institutions, which are widely used in the preparation of specialists in lifting and transport, construction and road machines, motor vehicles, means of mechanization and building automation.

From 2010 to the present time the head of the department was renamed "Transport technique and organization of transportation" is a doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of RK MT Rabat OndabekZhanahmetuly. Has 30 years of experience in the field of education in Kyzylorda State University. Korkytata.KazGASA, KazATC them. M. Tynyshpayev, where he worked as a dean, prorektor. Author of over 100 scientific papers, 12 monographs, textbooks, manuals and 3 inventions.

The main task of the department - provision theoretical and practical training of specialists with professional knowledge, educational skills.

Department of "TT and OP" is a graduate of the department, which conducts training in specialties 5V071300 - "Transport, transport equipment and technologies", 5V090100 - "Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation" in the state and Russian languages. PPS department is highly qualified professional staff, including 16 doctors of sciences, 20 candidates of sciences, 18 professors, 14 associate professors, 1 doctor of PhD, 4 MSc, of which:-  д.т.н., профессор Кабашев Р.А., д.т.н., профессор Рабат О.Ж. – члены международной ассоциации автомобильного и дорожного образования (МААДО);

- Professor RA Kabashev - Members of the Intergovernmental Council of the road workers (MSD);

- Prof. Kabashev RA, Prof. Rabat O.Zh., Professor Lee S. - Technical Committee of Experts and the standardization of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies;

- Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of RK MT Rabat O.Zh. - Member training-methodical council KazATC them. M. Tynyshpayev by function: 5V071300 - "Transport, transport equipment and technology";

- Ph.D., professor Sabraliev NS - Member training-methodical council KazATC them. M. Tynyshpayev by function: 5V090100 - "Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation";

- Doctorof Technical Sciences, Academician of the National Academyof Sciences of RK MT O.ZH Rabat - expertof JSC "NationalCenterforStatescientificandtechnicalexpertise."

The faculty of the department actively participates in tenders and competitions to develop and implement research, contractual and state budgetary issues. The department carried out research work on "Strengthening the construction of production machines through improved system operation, development and creation of innovative machines and their working bodies of import substitution", according to the thematic plan of research academy, under the guidance of well-known scientist, Honoured Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, DT .N., Professor RA Kabasheva Professor of the Department of Rabat O.Zh. and Lee S. are the owners of the state grant funded MES research projects: "Development of methodological bases of technical accounting, certification and diagnostics of local roads with the use of modern telecommunications systems, devices and equipment" - the head of Rabat O.Zh., "Crusher roller with cycloidal movement of workers bodies "- the head of Lee S.

Teaching sostavkafedry conduct systematic and analytical research and development work on improving PO SDM. Thus in recent years, agreements were made on carrying out research work in the amount of 110 mln. Tenge. This demonstrates the continuity and extensions of the best traditions direction predecessors and development as the department in general and teachers in particular.

The department designed and created following the construction of production machines and their working bodies:

 - A method for controlling the interaction of the cutting element of earth-moving machines with the ground under water (Innovation patent MPK8E02F3 / 86 from April 23 2008goda);

- Roller crusher with cycloidal motion PO (copyright certificate №172017 from 15.04.1992g.). crusher experimental sample is made in the metal in 2012 .;

 - Hand Electric shears for cutting sheet and roll materials (. Pat before RK №16078 from 30.12.2004..). The experimental sample was made in 2011 .;

- Working body of earth-throwing machines (. Pat before RK №17570 from 14.07.2006g..);

 - Bucket for the development of coarse soils (. Pat before RK №17985 from 01.10.2006..);

 - Bulldozer-terraser with retractable blade (innovative patent RK №2046 from 15.10.2008.);

 - A device for cutting slots (innovative patent RK №21718 from 15.09.2009.);

 - Road roller with a local deformation of the roll in the seal area (innovative patent RK №21592 from 15.05.2010g.);

- Inverter AC voltage (copyright certificate number 75600 from 06.12.2010g.);

Roller Crusher (copyright certificate number 87163 from 13.11.2013g.);

Roller Crusher (innovative patent RK №29666 from 24.02.2015g.);

Intherankingof 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 years' rankinguniversities of Kazakhstanoneducationalprograms "conducted by the Eurasian Rating Agency of the National Accreditation Centre of the Ministry of Educationand Science of the Republicof Kazakhstan, the Department of specialty" TT and OP "5V071300" Transport, transporte quipment and technology "amongthe 17 universitiesranked 1st, 3rd and 4th placeintherankingof 2011, theSpecialDepartmentof "TT and OP" 5V090100 "Organizationoftransport, trafficandtransportoperation" amongthe 21 universitiestook 2 ndplace.

The department has established links with leading academic institutions near and far abroad: to enter into collaborative agreements on cooperation and training with the following foreign universities: University of Ataturk (Turkey); Automotive Institute "BWA" (South Korea); Silesian University of Technology (Poland); Rezekne Higher Education Institute (Latvia); Moscow Automobile and Road Institute - Technical University (MADI - GTP), Siberian State Automobile and Road Academy (SibADI), Tashkent Automobile and Road Institute (TARI), Tomsk State University of Architecture and Construction (TGSU), Kyrgyz State Technical University im.I. Razzakova etc.

Teaching staff of the department has been actively involved in various international scientific conferences, as well as the organization and conduct of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Highways and transport machines: problems and prospects" held annually at Kazadi them. LB Goncharova.


Academician Kabashev RA, Professor Li SV, associate professor Kabashev AR We took part in the scientific-practical conference and signing of a joint agreement on cooperation and training in Vorieng (South Korea)


Akademik MANRK Rabat O.Zh. iprofessorLiS.V. - IV International Scientific Conference TRANSPORT PROBLEMS, Silesian University of Technology Faculty of Transport, Wednesday, 27 June 2012 Katowice-Ślemień (Poland)


Docent Agabekova DA at the 4th international forum Eurasian university on the Silk Road (Eurasian Silk Road Universities Consortium subtitled "Investigating the Social, Cultural and Global issues along the Silk Road", which was held from 1 to 3 November in Bhubaneswar (India).

In June 2010, Kazadiim.L.B.Goncharova and the Association of Universities of Ghent «HOWEST» (Belgium) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, in which for the first time in Kazakhstan was established and operates an interactive laboratory of the department of "TT and OP" to study hydraulic engineering transport systems with the use of expensive equipment from Belgium. Within the framework of his official visit to Kazakhstan by Prince Philippe of Belgium, His Royal Highness, the Duke of Brabant October 13, 2010 launch of this interactive lab was made.

The department conducted scientific seminar, there is a plan of the seminar. The workshop is aimed at improving the training and educational process.

constantly acquired modern equipment available textbooks and manuals in the Kazakh and Russian languages ​​for the educational process. In recent years, published textbooks and manuals: 30 teaching materials and textbooks.


Published textbooks and teaching staff of the department grants in recent years

In the current academic year, staff of the department have published 9 teaching aids, developed 3 methodical instructions on disciplines of the department; Lee S., Rabat O.Zh., Agabekova DA, Nurgaliyev MR Technical exploitation of transport equipment. Lee S., Rabat O.Zh., Kabashev AR The mechanization of loading and transport works razruzochnyh., Ushkebaev MT, Kabashev AR, MR Nurgaliyev Basis of structural calculation, technology and equipment for the construction of subways and other.

Special attention is paid to the department of methodological developments in the state language. In the current academic year, issued textbooks in the Kazakh language: Glossary of Traffic Safety (.Rabat O.Zh. Professor, Ph.D., associate professor Kabashev AR, Ph.D. Agabekova DA) KonstruktsiyalykMaterialdarykesumenOnda (Samsun MB) Under the stamp of Defense and H RK released book: Kabashev RA, Kadyrbaev AK Kekilbayev AM Zhylutehnikasy. Oқulyқ.: - Almaty "Poligrafservis" Kuzembaeva GM, Karzhaspaev AA Өzaraalmastyru standard foams tehnikalyқөlshemder courses. әdіstemelіk nұsқaular., Ahmetsadykova G.K.Bіryңғay kolіktіk zhүye

The fund of the library of the department "Transport Technology and organization of traffic" transferred 44 electronic versions of educational development in special disciplines: operational programs (syllabuses), guidelines and manuals, EMCD, video lectures.

In order to improve the quality of training department of uses in educational process 4 computer classes to 44 jobs. During the lectures on some subjects using equipment installed in the classrooms.



Carrying out practical and laboratory works

There is a virtual laboratory complex on disciplines "Fundamentals of the technical operation of transport equipment", "Car-1" in the learning process .Vvedena laboratory "Mechanics of liquid, gas and hydro-pneumatic", "Fundamentals of vehicle technical operation."

In the current academic year, intensified its efforts to create electronic versions of teaching materials for students on distance learning.implemented the AIS «PLATONUS» for these purposes.


The specialized training laboratory for the study of vehicle unit, designed and installed a set of existing stands of the car. Designed, developed and manufactured the stands for the Study of contact and contactless ignition systems, charging batteries and check the battery casing tightness. There are rooms with modern laboratory and innovative technology vehicles and traffic lights for traffic management. To optimize the performance of students in the development of the graduation projects by professors Rabat O.Zh., Sabralievym NS, Karzhaspaevym AA..byli issued "Guidelines for the implementation of the diploma project for students majoring 5V071300" Transport, transport equipment and technology "in the state and in Russian.

When the graduation projects of students from using innovative methods and techniques to improve the operation of transport equipment, and improve road safety. On defense are developed by existing laboratory installations, models, tools, etc., which are then used in the educational process. Students Borbard DS and Borbat AS We received a copyright certificate: inverter to convert the voltage.



Diploma laboratory installations and layouts students of

The department successfully operates student mobility as with CIS and non-CIS countries. For students of "TT and OP" - TurganbekulyAskar Lee Oleg BarsukovArtem successfully studied for the South Korean Automobile and Road Institute, and completed master's degree; Jamal Bіlespek, Seyfulmalik Arman - today are trained in Selezkom Polytechnic University (Poland), and Jane Pak Those from South Korea - have successfully completed a bachelor degree majoring 5V071300 - Transport, transport equipment and technology at the Department of "TT and OP"

The elders of the department "Transport Technology and organization of traffic":

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Li Sergey. He has published over 170 scientific papers, including 2 books, 4 textbooks and 2 monographs, received 13 titles of protection for inventions ,. Under the scientific guidance of Lee S. 7 PhD thesis defended and four of his students are taught at the department of "Cars, road equipment and standardization." Lee S. He took an active part in international and republican scientific and practical conferences in Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus and the Republic of Korea.


Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor KarzhaspaevAbduakasAbduovich. He has published more than 70 papers. Has 30 years of experience in the field of education at the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute in Kazadi them. LB Goncharova Almaty, where worked as an assistant professor, professor, head.

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor NurlanSabralievSabralievich. Has 35 years of experience in the field of education in DTILPP in Taraz, AADI, KazNTU. K.Satpaev, Kazadi them.LB Goncharova Almaty, where he worked assistant professor, professor, acting Head.department. His research interests are related to the development of the existing laboratory facilities in the educational process. He was scientific director of the master's thesis and 3 is currently preparing scientific personnel carries through master (one a student) a year. He has authored more than 60 scientific articles, 3 author's certificate, 4 textbooks, 20 educational and methodical complex of 13 existing laboratory facilities.

Basic Teaching disciplines: 5V071300 - Transport, transport equipment and technology - Basics of technical operation of transport equipment, manufacture of transport equipment Basics of Technology, Fundamentals of automation of designing cars, Theory of car traffic, safety vehicles, Lifting - transport machines, deterioration of workers Theory bodies SDP.

5V050900 - Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation - Organization of transport and traffic management, Fundamentals of transport - forwarding service, Gruzovedenie, interaction modes of transport, Technical means of UDM, OD service road, Passenger, Traffic safety in transport

Qualifications: 5V071300 - Transport, transport equipment and technology - Bachelor of Engineering and Technology Specialty: Automobiles and Automobile Economy, Lifting - transport and road - building machines

5V050900 - Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation - Bachelor in the field of services. Specialization: Organizationoftransportationinroadtransport, Traffic

Designated educational practices: The department contracts with the leading enterprises of the road sector: TOO «HYUNDAITransAuto», JSC "Asphalt", JSC "Kazdorproject" SRKP LLP "Almaty Autocentre KAMAZ", "KazDorNII", JSC "reinforced concrete" city bus fleet g .Almaty et al. which are branches of the Department, which allows for practical, laboratory classes, research directly to enterprises.

Trudoustoroysta and scope vypusknikovV Currently, the department is part of the educational research and production complex (ONPK) created by leading scientific production organizations the road sector: JSC "Asphalt", JSC "Kazdorproject», LLP «HYUNDAITransAuto», SRKP LLP "Almaty Autocentre KAMAZ" "KazDorNII", JSC "reinforced concrete" Municipal fleet Almaty, highways management of Almaty and Astana, "the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan in Akmola region .; traffic police Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty AlmatyAlmaty branch ;; Department of patrol police , LLP "transport enterprise SevKazEnergo, LLP" Victoria Logistic "FAO" KazAvtoTrans "company" HTL "Keden Service" Freight ekspiditorskaya company FE "LA Sayenko», HyundaiMotorCompany, KMC "Astana Motors" plant mining equipment ON "Karagandatsvet", JSC "Imstalkom", JSC "KazTransGazAymak", JSC Almatiskie power plants and others.

Chair "Transport equipment and transport organization" Kazakh Automobile and Road Academy. LB Goncharova, actively participate in the accelerated industrial-innovative development of our country, for that she has qualified faculty (PPP) and modern equipment to meet these challenges.

ContactInformation 8727 (2268192) ext 107, 143


Speciality 6M090100 "Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation"

Specialty 6M071300 "Transport, transport equipment and technologies"

Speciality 5V090100 "Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation"

Speciality 5V071300 "Transport, transport equipment and technologies"