Kazakh Autoroad Academy n.a. L.B. Goncharov has a 5-storey academic building, and under contract with the members of SIEIU (AK "Kazakhstan Zholdary", JSC "Concrete", JSC "Asphaltobeton", JSC "KazdorNII", "Dortrans", "Almaty Autoсenter Kamaz", and other) there are training and laboratory facilities, which include located at the production facilities of partner laboratories and workshops, equipped with all necessary technological equipment. The total area of educational and laboratory base is 12144,5 sq.m, total area of classrooms is 9505 sq. m., of them on the property right - 4095,5 sq.m., operational management - 1190 sq.m., i.e. an educational area on one student given contingent shift the learning mode is 14,9 sq.m, which exceeds the standard indicators.

As part of the research and production department operates KazARI Testing Laboratory, which was established in 2009 and 2015 was accredited by the National Accreditation Centre of Kazakhstan in compliance with international standard, the ISI / IEC17025: 2007 (ST RK ISO / IEC 17025: 2007). The laboratory carries out tests to determine soil quality indicators, sand, gravel, road mixes, airfield asphalt, bitumen, concrete, cement and other building materials in accordance with the scope of accreditation. IL Management System covers the work carried out on the mainland, in remote locations, as well as temporary and mobile facilities. For this purpose, IL has qualified, trained personnel, regulatory and technical documentation, documentation management system. The laboratory is equipped with a set of measuring mobile road laboratories, necessary devices, test equipment and measuring instruments, there is a car park. To improve service quality testing laboratory carries out the planned inter-laboratory tests, participates in intercomparative laboratory tests carried out with JSC "Asfaltolbeton-1" KazNIIPI "Dortrans", LLP "CPI" Alliance ", LLP" Jol "and other building laboratories.

KazARI n.a. L.B. Goncharov and the Association of Universities of Ghent "HOWEST" (Belgium) have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, in which for the first time in Kazakhstan created and operates an interactive laboratory to study the hydraulic systems of transport vehicles with the use of expensive equipment from Belgium. In the framework of the official visit to Kazakhstan Prince Philippe of Belgium, his Royal Highness, the Duke of Brabant, on 13 October 2010 was a start of the interactive laboratory "Mechanics of liquid, gas and hydro-pneumatic actuator", which is introduced and successfully applied in the educational process.

To optimize the learning process using multimedia: projectors and interactive boards to encourage the development of creative activity and for visual learners, helping effective interaction of the teacher with the students.

General and training facilities, educational and scientific laboratories, computer classes, reading rooms comply with sanitary and epidemiological norms and requirements. The conditions of the production environment meet the requirements of SNiP II-68-78 "Highest educational institutions" and the requirements of ST RK 1158-2002 "Professional education at university. Material and technical base of educational organizations", sanitary rules "Sanitary-epidemiological requirements to objects of upbringing and education of children and adolescents", approved by Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 30 December 2011 #1684, sanitary rules "Sanitary-epidemiological requirements to working conditions with sources of physical factors (computers and video terminals), affecting per person" approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from December 1, 2011 #1430. Total square of key training areas are taken in accordance with the requirements of ST RK 1158-2002, SNiP 2.08-89 "Construction norms and rules. Public buildings and constructions". All educational and laboratory rooms, and training and production workshops equipped with necessary equipment and inventory. Ensuring the Academy drinking water and industrial water, heat and electricity, telephone connection is made centrally. All utilities comply with the requirements of SNiP RK 3.02.-43-2007, SNiP RK 4.02.-42-2006, SNiP 3.05.01 RK.-85.

KazADI is constantly updating and managing of computer park, office equipment, and software products in accordance with modern technologies.