L. B. Goncharov Kazakh Road Academy

Science and innovation

Research work in KazADI n.a. L.B. Goncharov is made on the basis of the Law "On Science" and "On Education" of Kazakhstan Republic. KazADI n.a. L.B. Goncharov is an accredited subject of scientific and scientific-technical activities (certificate #003369 dated 14th of May 2013). Research work in KazADI is executed in the Research and Production Department, and 4 departments of the Academy in accordance with the strategic direction of scientific research of KazARI "Innovative development of the design, construction and operation of highways, transport equipment and training for the road industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan."

In 2011, the Academy has successfully passed accreditation as a subject of scientific and technical activities of the Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK and has received the certificate which gave the opportunity to participate in a competition of research projects funded by the state.

As part of the Research and Production Department operates Testing Laboratory of KazADI, which was founded in 2009 and in 2015 was accredited by the National Accreditation Centre of Kazakhstan in compliance with international ISI/IEC standard 17025: 2007 (ST RK ISO/IEC 17025:2007). The laboratory carries out tests to determine soil quality indicators, sand, gravel, road mixes, airfield asphalt, bitumen, concrete, cement and other building materials in accordance with the scope of accreditation. IL Management System covers the work carried out on the mainland, in remote locations, as well as temporary and mobile facilities. For this purpose, IL has qualified, trained personnel, regulatory and technical documentation, documentation management system. The laboratory is equipped with a set of measuring mobile road laboratories, necessary devices, test equipment and measuring instruments, also there is a car park. To improve service quality testing laboratory carries out the planned inter-laboratory tests, participates in comparison laboratory tests carried out with JSC "Asphaltolbeton-1" KazNIIPI "Dortrans", LLP "IPC “Alliance”, LLP "Zhol" and other building laboratories.

All research work carried out in KazADI, can be classified as follows (Figure 15):